Lily on Steel

DSC_0003.JPGA Peruvian Lily straddles a steel pole yesterday in the noon day sun. Without the pole the weight of the blooms, although slight, would send the plant to the ground as it nears the end of its life. These flowers grow best in areas where they don’t have to “stretch” to get sun unless, of course, there is an errant steel pole about for assistance.

Amazing Boulder


This boulder is coated with shells.

This boulder is positioned so that sometimes it will be covered by ocean waters at high tide. From afar it doesn’t appear different than other large rocks around it, but up close every inch of its surface is covered by barnacles and shells.


A full view of the “shell” boulder.

Why is this rock coasted with shells and barnacles when others are not? And when does a rock become a boulder? The questions pour out, but as usual, I have no answers other than to state, this is an amazing boulder.