The President’s Lies…

A Vague Notion

A vague notion of an unheard sound,
Stolen by a dishonest imagination.
Two raccoons mating in the dark
Become unspeakable crimes against defenseless women.
That’s not what I heard.
But the leader says it is, over and over again,
Daring us to see our blood
Dripping down bedroom walls.
We must hate the bad dudes
When I only despise his theft.

Land Shark in the Sun…

DSC_0001Yesterday in downtown Paso Robles there were no parking spaces to be found  at first, only bright sun and this very long El Dorado Cadillac, a relic of the days when gas was cheap and MPG wasn’t a consideration. California parking spaces have shrunk over the years, so land sharks are difficult to park in most cities. But, hey, that hood’s politically incorrect.

Honey War Survivor

DSC_0031 - Copy (2) - Copy.JPGFor now it appears that the  honey bee “robbers” have been repelled by the bees that “adopted” the hive more than two weeks ago. Access to the hive is still limited to a narrow entrance. The hive, itself, is full of buzzing during the day and pollen is coming in, not going out.  This photo was taken shortly after a battle–note there is loose pollen behind this bee. The bees have since cleaned the area.

Ladybugs on the Job!

DSC_0006.JPGWe have ladybugs in the backyard and no, I repeat zero, aphids. This one,was spotted yesterday., The ladybug,our favorite beetle, feasts on an array of garden pests. Still waiting for butterflies to arrive.  The honey bees are thriving. Dragon flies are buzzing the ivy. Scrub jays are enjoying the show. No politics, simply instincts at work. At least for the moment, nature is in balance here.

Honey Bees Fight to Protect the Hive from Robbers

DSC_0004 - Copy (2).JPGA week ago our backyard hive, abandoned five months ago, was back in action with honey bees( foragers) returning with full pollen sacs all day long.  I take photos of a new hive frequently to spot potential problems, or to document positive signs of development. Two days ago I took a shot of two bees fighting at the entrance to the hive. Sometimes bees from other hives will try to rob honey from a newly formed hive. Yesterday, I noticed the bees were entering the hive single file at one narrow spot, a sign that the entrance had been blocked to prevent robbers from coming inside. Stay tuned.