Lone Painter on the Beach

May 22 008 (3) - Copy.JPGOvercast skies cut down on the beach crowd yesterday, but I didn’t expect a “painter” to be the lone person on the sand. To be fair, there was one painter in the beach parking lot in his SUV. I’ve tried water colors in the past, concentrating on clowns–I don’t take myself seriously, But I’ve never tried going public with my limited talent. However, to be alone in a beautiful place like the beach facing Point Lobos, is a win-win, regardless of what art is produced. Hats off to solo painters on the sand.

The life message here is not to be restricted by what other people might think. clown at rest - Copy (2)

Art Displayed Outside

art festival 003 (3).JPGThe recent 25th Annual Carmel Art Festival was held outside in a park and at an adjoining street. A number of items were sculptures that I had viewed in the past through a gallery window. I didn’t go in. But in the park the overcast day gave this ballet dancer shadows and added intensity missing inside a store.  Art is often in the eye of the beholder. Maybe this piece captures the pain that dancers go through to be the best. I’d prefer something with a softer edge..and free; i.e., something that Anne made.

Monday’s Path: Hope

DSC_0094.JPGThe path ahead contains some obstacles, but with care it  is passable. The magical redwoods still stand. I had expected more damage from the aftermath of a forest fire that had blackened over 312,000 acres of the Big Sur area, but in the end, it continues to be one of California’s great natural jewels.

Soberanes Canyon Trail Reopens!


A Lorquin’s Admiral near the mouth of the Soberanes Canyon Trail.

Soberanes Canyon Trail, shut for nearly two years after a forest fire devastated over 312,000 acres in the Big Sur area, is now open. This is one of my favorite places to hike, ford streams and be among old growth redwoods. My sister from Southern Illinois joined me in what was often parade-like as we “marched” past wildflowers and butterflies. I spotted an Lorquin’s Admiral just ten minutes into the walk. Good to be back.

On a more sober note. The person(s) responsible for the illegal campfire that triggered the blaze has never been found. Some Big Sur trails are still closed. The local economic loss has been staggering. We lost wildlife and its habitat, ancient redwoods as well as one human life taken during the recovery.