High Water


The Sacramento River is running high these days. Took these shots yesterday afternoon–that’s a new housing development in the distance. Dramatic cloud formations and the bare branches of trees partially submerged in water lend an eerie cast to what has been a month of flooding and evacuations in parts of Northern California.high-water2

Important Message for All…


My granddaughter Cora’s parents took her to San Francisco this weekend where she sat in front of Grace Cathedral with a smile and a critical message on her shirt: “I love who you are.”

I came here often in 1971 and 1972 after I was honorably discharged from the Army. Back then it was a time of healing over a country torn apart by its involvement in Vietnam. Today, we face more division, especially over our core values. We will always be a nation of immigrants–that’s what makes us strong.

This photo was taken by my daughter-in-law, Vina.


Storm Break


As I drove through Central California yesterday, I passed countless trees that had been uprooted by the latest storm to hit the state. But for a few hours in the afternoon there was peace from the skies. Cloud formations were dramatic as evidenced by the shot I took near the I-5 exit for Los Banos. Another storm is due tonight.

The Weather is Angry


Yesterday around 4:30 p.m. it was drizzling, sunny, cloudy foggy and windy.Took this shot from a hill near our house. More rain is on the way. Hillsides, stripped bare by fires last year, are sliding onto roads. Dams are overflowing. Bridge supports are in danger of failing. The weather is angry in California. Perspective:For the last six years we haven’t had much rain, a prolonged drought that has threatened life as we enjoy it in the Golden State. The drought is over, but the ride , for now, is rough.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Against the Odds


via Photo Challenge: Against the Odds

I took this shot of a bee well positioned on the outdoor map of the Carmel Mission Trail. My beehives are about a 1/2-mile from this sign, so maybe this bee is from the colony in my backyard. “Against the Odds” honeybees are fighting to withstand pesticides, viruses and other threats to their existence. I’ve provided a protected area for honeybees primarily to help them beat the odds.