Shoes on a Wire

DSC_0036.JPGI don’t know why five pairs of shoes laced together hang from electrical wires over a nice residential street in Sacramento. The reasons given on the internet why shoes hang from wires range from the dark side (drug territory markings) to the expected (teenage pranks). Given that toilet paper is hanging from nearby trees, I’ll go with the mischief factor. I was surprised to read that people have been throwing shoes over wires for nearly 40 years.

Green with Age…

DSC_0029.JPGSix years ago I found a gray-colored stone weathered by ocean waters. I clearly saw a face with deep set eyes. I placed it on my desk for a few years. In 2016 I put it outside. Yesterday, I saw that the stone face has been turned green by the elements –it”lost” an eye while its mouth has closed.  It’s a more natural look, but a little haunting.  Call CSI!stone face.2.JPGSame stone in March, 2016.