Hard to Photograph Bird

DSC_0028The crows around my house are gigantic, noisy and, for me, hard to photograph. They are so black, I usually fail to capture detail when their wings are pressed close.  These menacing birds do justice to Hitchcock’s “The Birds.” I am waiting for the day when one of them dive bombs me. This shot of a crow in my neighbor’s struggling coastal oak was taken yesterday from my driveway .

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence

via Photo Challenge: Silence


DSC_0330.JPGThe search for “silence” often takes me to the outdoors away from traffic and other man-made sounds, including people. Of course, there are always sounds breaking the silence: wildlife calls, the wind, or the ocean surf. Of course, at my house there is the silence of sleeping dogs and Anne quilting–that’s a combination of silence and the quick whir of a sewing machine. In the end I choose a rock on the secluded Monterey coastline where I can think about “silence,” both the good aspects and the bad (not speaking up against hate),

The Look…

DSC_0024.JPGI took this shot of Molly two days ago–this is how she looks at me these days, intense, searching for understanding. She has evolved gradually into  this behavior.  She now responds well to a few hand signals. As she approaches her fourth year, I notice that she holds her stares longer than she used to. If I hold my hand up high, she will come. If I put my hand out, she will put her left paw in my palm. We don’t overdo the training. She is a border collie mix with, perhaps, a little cattle dog thrown in.  Clearly, she is instinctively a working dog  maturing into the dog she wants to be.

Taking a Second Look…

DSC_0008DSC_0008 - CopyI took a photo yesterday of the sheep at Mission Ranch, a popular hotel and restaurant in Carmel owned by actor/director Clint Eastwood. He bought the property to keep it from housing developers. In doing so, he preserved a grazing area with a spectacular view of Point Lobos in the distance. It has rained lately, expanding the marsh land behind the ranch. When I looked into the glare to take this photo, I didn’t see the herons in the background until I enlarged the shot at home. Nice surprise.