The Adventures of Chartan: The Road Trip Begins With Bumps

            (Last week Chartan, Brazil and Elisa hit upon the idea of a road trip.)             Chartan gripped the steering wheel of a 1966 Chevelle, his eyes riveted on the grayish two lane road ahead. The pine trees on either side became a greenish blur as he stepped on the gas pedal. Elisa’s face appearedContinue reading “The Adventures of Chartan: The Road Trip Begins With Bumps”

Monarch Dancing on a Cosmos

I waited a full year for monarch butterflies to stop by our backyard in their annual migration to Mexico. Yesterday, I saw the first one celebrate its arrival by dancing on a cosmos flower a few inches from me. Surrounding communities have reported monarch sightings this week. Last year the nearby Pacific Grove Monarch Sanctuary,Continue reading “Monarch Dancing on a Cosmos”

The Adventures of Chartan: A Plan is Hatched

(Last week: A confused Chartan returns to the comfort of driving a limousine as he doubts his ability to teach psychic healing to others.) Chartan clutched the podium. The 100-seat community room was full, but his focus was on the student in a wheelchair positioned in front of everyone—it was Elisa. He didn’t see BrazilContinue reading “The Adventures of Chartan: A Plan is Hatched”

Waiting for the Roof to Blow Off

Construction on “The Butterfly House”, designed by architect Frank Wynkoop, was completed in 1951–it is anchored in rock with breathtaking views of the Carmel Bay, including Point Lobos. I’ve always wonder why the roof hasn’t blown off, although I hope it never does. My personal opinion is that areas this close to the Pacific OceanContinue reading “Waiting for the Roof to Blow Off”