The Adventures of Chartan: Shocking News

(Last week Brazil in an attempt to find his client, Elisa, encounters Chartan where he blurts out, “I’m afraid of myself.)              Chartan was puzzled by Brazil’s response. What did this man really mean and what did he want?              “Let’s talk at my place,” said Chartan who had never had a stranger in hisContinue reading “The Adventures of Chartan: Shocking News”

Empty Bench…Remembering 9/11

Took this shot five years ago in September of an empty bench. Actually, it isn’t completely unoccupied–there is some propaganda put there for someone who might be suffering from…(fill in the blank). Horror happens daily in this country, this world. Unspeakable crimes lead to public vigils intended to make certain the horrors are not forgotten.Continue reading “Empty Bench…Remembering 9/11”