The Adventures of Chartan: The Unexpected

            (Last week: Chartan faces temptation in his Sacramento apartment after a surprise visit from Elisa.)             When Gina returned from her job, she found Chartan seated at the kitchen table with a blank stare on his face.             “Are you okay?”             He turned towards her but remained silent.             “Chartan, what’s wrong?” SheContinue reading “The Adventures of Chartan: The Unexpected”

The Adventures of Chartan: Return to Sacramento

            (Last week: Gina tells Chartan she is done with the mystic.)             They returned to the motel room to find Brazil sitting on the bed,              “Check out time?” asked Brazil.             “Have any ideas? asked Chartan             “You two are the love birds—I’m ready to spend the night in my bed in Sacramento.”Continue reading “The Adventures of Chartan: Return to Sacramento”

Hold This Moment…

I drove 300 miles yesterday, about 270 miles over my self-imposed limit for one day. But near the end of this trip with the November sun on the horizon shooting shafts of bright light into my eyes–I had on dark sunglasses–the song came on the car radio: “I’m Your Captain” by Grand Funk Railroad. ThisContinue reading “Hold This Moment…”