Something Else I Didn’t Know: Pig Toenails

Yesterday I had a learning experience at a ranch outside of Sacramento that rescues farm animals. While there were horses, cows, llamas, turkeys and sheep, what caught my attention were pigs, 24 of them! Chapter One: pigs are neglected and abused by some owners. I didn’t know that pigs required grooming such as having theirContinue reading “Something Else I Didn’t Know: Pig Toenails”

The Adventures of Chartan: The Lost Fare

(Last Sunday: Chartan drives six teenagers to the senior prom, but the teens are nowhere to be found when he returns to pick them up—the police are on it!)             The first hour behind the wheel of the parked limo went reasonably fast as he waited for the police to return, hopefully with six prom-Continue reading “The Adventures of Chartan: The Lost Fare”

The Adventures of Chartan: The Strange Fare

(Last Sunday: Brazil sees combat action in Ukraine while Chartan is surprised by the uplifting behavior of teenagers in his limo.)             First Chartan saw the black and white image of the fetus inside Gina. But what he carried home from the OBGYN’s office was the sound of the heartbeat—it followed him everywhere, including thatContinue reading “The Adventures of Chartan: The Strange Fare”