The Adventures of Chartan: Combat or Not

            (Last Sunday: A contrast in heroism: Chartan gets credit for saving people from a forest fire while Brazil patrols the streets of war-torn Kyiv.)             “We bleed like everyone else—the same goes for dying,” said Brazil to a crowded room of international fighters. “I’m ready.”             Fifty years ago Brazil had said these sameContinue reading “The Adventures of Chartan: Combat or Not”

The Adventures of Chartan: Heroes

(Last Sunday: Chartan, deep in thought, reacts to a forest fire outside of his apartment building while Brazil questions his decision to do battle in Ukraine.)             Chartan, seated behind the wheel of his limousine with Gina by the passenger door, stares at the thick smoke 100 drifting slowly towards the parking lot.              Continue reading “The Adventures of Chartan: Heroes”

The Adventures of Chartan: Fire Outside/Fire in the Belly

            (Last Sunday: Brazil doesn’t fire his weapon in a combat situation; Chartan and Gina talk in bed.)             Two nights later in their apartment bed, Chartan was on his back staring at the ceiling while Gina slept soundly on her back next to him. His thoughts drifted from the coming birth of their baby,Continue reading “The Adventures of Chartan: Fire Outside/Fire in the Belly”

The Adventures of Chartan: Squeeze

(Last Sunday: Chartan doubts himself.)             Brazil leveled his M16 and prepared to squeeze the trigger at the dark shadows creeping slowly towards him some 50 feet away. This was that moment that had haunted him for 50 years, only now he was in Kyiv. Crouched by him about five feet away an American veteranContinue reading “The Adventures of Chartan: Squeeze”