A Luxury Moment in the Harsh World of Vehicle Repairs

I’m writing/posting  this from the waiting area at Maita Toyota where my Prius is getting some TLC. Free coffee, wireless, big screen TV and ample seating. This is a luxury moment in my decades of car ownership. These horror stories come to mind. 1963 VW bug stolen from the parking lot at the apartment complexContinue reading “A Luxury Moment in the Harsh World of Vehicle Repairs”

Light is Art

The lighting at the Basilica of San Vitale in Ravenna, Italy is amazing. The ceiling is comprised of colorful tiles, a leading example of early Christian Byzantine art in the western world. The mosaics appear to glow—a fitting dynamic for a church. However, spotlights are required as there isn’t enough sunshine available to show off the ceiling. Regardless,  IContinue reading “Light is Art”

Watching TV Ads…

Recently I’ve been watching old TV shows from the 1980s on cable which means I am repeatedly exposed to these ad lines: “You may be entitled to compensation,” or, “Find out if a reverse mortgage is right for you.” Hey, it’s the Fonz doing that last one—looks like he shrunk a little.  Fred Thompson, the former Law&OrderContinue reading “Watching TV Ads…”

Talking Football…

I was driving this past Sunday morning when I turned on the radio to hear a pro football game.  First, the coin toss was covered—that doesn’t happen on TV until the Super Bowl. “Tails” won. The referee had a twang to the call, so it came out as a three-syllable word: ta–ail—eess.  Later the announcerContinue reading “Talking Football…”