Arnold Didn’t Blow Up the Boxes

Tempus fugit for us all, including actor Arnold Schwarzenegger who ten years ago this week was elected governor of California by an electorate angry over politics as usual. People flocked to shopping malls to hear his German—he was Austrian–accent and “ideas” for “blowing up the boxes of government.” But he never delivered on his promisedContinue reading “Arnold Didn’t Blow Up the Boxes”

Pelicans 15, Steffen 2

The pelicans usually outfox me and my stop-action camera, but today I hit some homers and in photography, it only takes one to come home a winner First, the automatic focus mode on my Nikon D5100 goes bonkers when pelicans swoop over rocks and the ocean. The red focus light sees the water, then theContinue reading “Pelicans 15, Steffen 2”