The Warning of Early Beauty

This January morning I took a photo of a camellia in my California backyard blooming about 45 days earlier than normal, but this is not a normal year. We are in the midst of a drought. If you look closely, the green leaves are coated with grit that in past years was washed off byContinue reading “The Warning of Early Beauty”


I’m saying goodbye to an old friend, “periodical.” I used the word last night and it came out funny and outdated. I read “periodicals,” but the term is too general and from another, I guess, period. Better to say “magazines” and “newspapers.” “Periodical” is like Latin, written, not spoken, unless you are some pompous scholarContinue reading ““Periodical”…Passe”

Political Ping Pong in Jersey

Politics is a ping pong game played by gorillas and the Christie Bridge Scandal (CBS) is game-on. Today in his annual state of the state address, Gov. Christie of New Jersey apologized again for the CBS debacle–this was a defensive lob. What else could he say?  Opponents have hit back by calling for probes, notContinue reading “Political Ping Pong in Jersey”