Photography Without Rules

I once captured a leaf in mid-air as documented in the above photo. This type of photo can be engineered in ways other than having the photographer, me, stand in the middle of road clicking away until I get one. Regardless, I did it the hard way because—and I’ve always wanted to say this– “that’sContinue reading “Photography Without Rules”

Chemical Weapons Crisis

The most unsettling aspect of my brief military training involved preparing for a chemical attack. All I remember was that death would be quick and painful. Now, our government says chemical weapons have been used by the Syrian government against its own citizens, a charge denied by Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad.  We’ve issued one ofContinue reading “Chemical Weapons Crisis”

Bloomberg’s Bathroom

 The New York Times reports today that Mayor Michel Bloomberg offered this advice for those who want to achieve: “arrive early, eat at your desk, stay late and don’t go to the bathroom so much.” The article says he threw out the bathroom admonishment on his radio show. Maybe he didn’t mean what he reallyContinue reading “Bloomberg’s Bathroom”