Two Photos For America

Veterans, myself included, gathered in a building in San Francisco last week for a variety of reasons. News reporters roamed the halls looking for stories already written in their heads. They simply needed some veterans, preferably those who had served in Iraq or Afghanistan, to give their name and the expected comments about serving our countryContinue reading “Two Photos For America”

The Lengthy Shower

“Lengthy” is the word of the week. Have you used it lately? I don’t ever remember saying it, but, of course, I know what it means. Various dictionaries say “lengthy” is something of “considerable length, usually in matters of time or space.” Let’s explore further. Synonyms: tiresome, drawn-out. If I wanted, I guess I could say, ”Continue reading “The Lengthy Shower”

The Truth Behind Reruns

Like many, I would rather tune in a television show that I’ve seen before rather than try a new one that’s been promoted with trailer snippets. Some armchair psychiatrist might think I don’t like to be disappointed, hence, my preference for already knowing the outcome. Wrong. I don’t watch TV like I used to. TheContinue reading “The Truth Behind Reruns”