California Prison Hunger Strike

               The hunger strike in the California state prison system is in its 24th day. At its zenith there were 12,000 inmates who said “no” to a meal, now the fasters are down to 561 with 385 going the distance since July 8.  Someone is going to die of starvation soon and this will rocketContinue reading “California Prison Hunger Strike”

A Few Things I Didn’t Know…

I photographed a ladybug this morning, apparently drunk as a skunk in a marigold. Was “she” eating my flowers? No, I am assured by an internet search, ladybugs eat aphids, up to 5,000 aphids in their lifetime. I wrote about pelicans last week after doing a little research. And earlier this year , I bloggedContinue reading “A Few Things I Didn’t Know…”

The Botched Job Interview

I’ve lost count on how many job seekers I’ve interviewed over the last blah, blah years. Fortunately, for me, my role as interviewer has surpassed my role as job applicant. So, I’ve developed a list of my three biggest personal mistakes made when seeking employment. Went before “the board” of a major West Coast newspaper wearingContinue reading “The Botched Job Interview”