The Adventures of Chartan: Back in the Saddle

(Last Week: Elisa is in the hospital after shooting herself—Chartan is unsure how he might help her.)             Two men faced each other in oversized leather chairs in a dimly lit office with walls of books reaching the ceiling.             “I am surprised you returned for another session,” said Dr. Kodor as he adjusted hisContinue reading “The Adventures of Chartan: Back in the Saddle”

The Adventures of Chartan: The Hospital Visit

(Last week: Detective Moran takes Chartan and Brazil in for questioning but releases them when it is learned that Elisa tried to shoot herself.) Brazil and Chartan were near the police station exit when Moran stopped them. “Chartan, are you an attorney?”             “No, I have a chauffer’s license.”             “Ms. Cunning was hoping youContinue reading “The Adventures of Chartan: The Hospital Visit”

The Answers

Answers forged from countless errors in judgment, temperament and desires Arrive late in life, almost cruelly in how their perfected wisdom  Obliterates mistakes that caused anguish in years past. True answers, impossible to foretell, require forgiveness and acceptance So the fanfare of everyday life becomes an unexpected gift from a stranger, The simplicity of theContinue reading “The Answers”

A Few Moments for the Toaster

It sits there day after day waiting to be used. The unassuming toaster is an unheralded hero of our kitchen. Ignored for years when we went off bread to daily attention now that we’re back on sourdough. Cleaned it this week. Crumbs of a clown car kept spreading along the counter. Crumbs from 70’s? No,Continue reading “A Few Moments for the Toaster”