Surpassing Expectations

I haven’t thought much about surpassing expectations. For one, I’m settled in my ways and confident in my abilities; i.e., I don’t have to prove anything to anyone—and that’s nice. Still, I am surprised when I surpass expectations which may mean that my confidence excels at masking the potential for failure. I’m not going toContinue reading “Surpassing Expectations”

Driving in the Heat

Sometimes I write for exercise, cardio style. Like this afternoon, driving through California’s heartland, 106-degrees outside, 68 inside. I’m armed with tunes, starting old with “Wolly Bolly” and going no newer than Bob Marley’s “Exodus.” Thinking red, white and blue moments for tomorrow. Note to CHP: I’m not texting this. Time out while I zipContinue reading “Driving in the Heat”

Don Draper vs. Matt Dillon

               When confronted with an obstacle, ask yourself, what would Don Draper do? Most likely Don, the lead character in the TV series “Mad Men,” would drink hard liquor. He is a 1960’s cohort of Sean Connery’s James “shaken not stirred” Bond” and a reflection of a time when cocktails were king in America andContinue reading “Don Draper vs. Matt Dillon”