Don Draper vs. Matt Dillon

               When confronted with an obstacle, ask yourself, what would Don Draper do? Most likely Don, the lead character in the TV series “Mad Men,” would drink hard liquor. He is a 1960’s cohort of Sean Connery’s James “shaken not stirred” Bond” and a reflection of a time when cocktails were king in America andContinue reading “Don Draper vs. Matt Dillon”

Give me a name, any name.

I was writing some fiction and needed a full name for an idiot attorney. I didn’t want to upset someone who might be a good attorney by choosing his or her name for ridicule. So, I Googled names, ridiculous names, and I got hits each time. My response each time: who would name their kid that? In essence,Continue reading “Give me a name, any name.”