Backyard Honey Bees

The honeybee population is declining everywhere but in my backyard.  Nationwide beekeepers say they’ve lost at least 40 percent of their beehives. These bees pollinate fruits, vegetables and nuts, or put another way, without bees we would lose a third of our crops, according to experts. The decline of bees appears to follow the widespreadContinue reading “Backyard Honey Bees”

Meaning of Life Inside an Audio Cassette

         Sometimes the meaning of life can be found in an old audio cassette.  Take my self-inscribed “Vet Rock,” a collection of late 1960 songs I taped off of vinyl records (The Doors, The Who, Steppenwolf, etc.), scratches and all in 1971. I had just been honorably discharged from the U.S. Army after two yearsContinue reading “Meaning of Life Inside an Audio Cassette”

Two Photos For America

Veterans, myself included, gathered in a building in San Francisco last week for a variety of reasons. News reporters roamed the halls looking for stories already written in their heads. They simply needed some veterans, preferably those who had served in Iraq or Afghanistan, to give their name and the expected comments about serving our countryContinue reading “Two Photos For America”