Waiting for the Roof to Blow Off

Construction on “The Butterfly House”, designed by architect Frank Wynkoop, was completed in 1951–it is anchored in rock with breathtaking views of the Carmel Bay, including Point Lobos. I’ve always wonder why the roof hasn’t blown off, although I hope it never does. My personal opinion is that areas this close to the Pacific OceanContinue reading “Waiting for the Roof to Blow Off”

Every Chair Tells a Story…

I’ve been walking past this abandoned building in Carmel for ten years. Maybe it is a garage, or artist’s studio of historical importance, hence, there are often long delays in obtaining permits to fix it up. Recently I noticed a rusty folding chair has been placed in front, perhaps, for purposes of contemplation, or aContinue reading “Every Chair Tells a Story…”

Carmel Mission Basilica Window

If you visit the Carmel Mission Basilica, spend some time examining the basilica window, especially the colors that only come with age. Clearly, there is a Moorish influence on the window design. During the pandemic there has been almost no access to this active church in its current location since 1771. Sunday Masses resumed JuneContinue reading “Carmel Mission Basilica Window”