In Search of a New Art Form, or Having Fun With Leaves

It started when I picked up two wet hackberry leaves from the ground. Their “spines” were amazingly clear. Next, I put water drops on them. When the leaves dried, they had a design on them from the water drops. Could this be a new art form, or a waste of time? Here are some whackyContinue reading “In Search of a New Art Form, or Having Fun With Leaves”

The Face of Ignorance

For years I couldn’t place the look on a  ceramic face crafted by a friend, Maggie Hernandez. Sad? Scared? Unsure? Yesterday, I placed old abalone shells around her creation and if by magic, the look was found. Ignorance! The ignorance of people who don’t believe we are destroying our planet. They’ll wake up one dayContinue reading “The Face of Ignorance”