The Adventures of Chartan: The Temptation

Chartan sat across from Minerva, staring at his dinner plate as if he were facing checkmate. Decisions he rarely had to make were required now. Did he want a glass of wine? Would he like salmon or New York steak? He hadn’t had any form of alcohol in six months. To admit such, he thought, would suggestContinue reading “The Adventures of Chartan: The Temptation”

Fast Fiction: Loneliness

Benjy thought everything he did should be important, that every moment had significance. About the clearest thought he had recently was that he was lost, adrift. He had no dreams, no desires no reason to believe tomorrow would be different.                 For the present he was sitting on a park bench in a very niceContinue reading “Fast Fiction: Loneliness”

The Adventures of Chartan: Java and a Gun

Chapter One: Java and a Gun The lights in the room went out, leaving five people seated in darkness. A murmur of concern arose until a feint overhead light came on, revealing a dark-haired man in the center of the room. His lips were noticeably red. “You can see my face,” said the man, “butContinue reading “The Adventures of Chartan: Java and a Gun”