Friday Fast Fiction: Clever Over Coffee

“It’s a luxury,” said Ben to a young woman at the next table. “What is?” He was surprised she responded. “The luxury of being at this outdoor café when people are at work and the luxury of talking to you.” “Clever line,” she said. “Out of work like me?” “Between careers.” She laughed. “What didContinue reading “Friday Fast Fiction: Clever Over Coffee”

Friday Fast Fiction: Bev and the Broken Chairs

The drone of the office party was shattered by Bev. The old wooden chair she was sitting on gave way. Like me she’d come to the party alone. Now she was surrounded by a crowd of coworkers. I used the distraction to sneak out the back door. It was dark and I walked the wrongContinue reading “Friday Fast Fiction: Bev and the Broken Chairs”