The Army Helmet

Army helmet

Was it the dried up river bed? The barren landscape of rocks? Or, maybe it was simply this constant thought I have that people are at war with each other around the world, that hate and anger are winning. Yes, at first glance, I believed I’d found an army helmet in the middle of a dense forest. Okay, it was a turtle. But Charlottesville and Barcelona are the newest additions to this endless list of tragedies and so,  a month after I took this photo, I still see a helmet of war…like one I used to wear. Peace.

Monday’s Path: Aging



I took the dogs to the Douglas Family Preserve in Santa Barbara. This is a wonderful area for hiking and dog walking with the largest off-leash grounds I’ve ever seen. The trip began, as most do, with my camera and telephoto lens dangling around my neck with two anxious dogs leading the way.  I stopped to take a shot of the beginning  of the trail’s rise. Balancing camera and dogs is not easy. I took a shot just as a runner approached from behind–this excited the dogs and challenged my stability. I took a second shot of the runner gliding up the hill. I’m a hiker now, haven’t run in a few years and not up steep hills in a long time. My joints are an issue, although I can hike for hours without pain. It’s the pounding on a hard surface that brings me to the realities of aging. I may try again. Or, I may not. But I would trade a sofa  for a trail any day. I remain thankful for ever step I take.

Monday’s Path

garapatta couple2 - Copy

This is where I want to be…walking towards the Pacific Ocean, high above the crashing surf. This trail  is the only one open at this time in Garrapata State Park–the others are closed due to a 2016 forest fire, or heavy rains in early 2017. Message:enjoy each step and do what you can to preserve our precious public open space.

Monday’s Path on Memorial Day

garapatta trail

No matter the location, memories on the day to remember those who died in battle, ring true for me, everyday. Faces of those I knew 48 years ago during the Vietnam War remain young and fresh, unaware of what was to come next. Cpl.Robert Bruce Tufts who grew up a few miles from me has a place on the internet. He hasn’t aged.

Lucky Me…

Lucky Me

A ceramic “note” has been hanging on our brick wall for seven years or so. I’ve never really paid attention to “Lucky Me” until this morning. The sunrise coming from a skylight struck the “note” in dramatic fashion for a few minutes. Yes, the sunlight, as it should, drifted south, sending “Lucky Me” into obscurity. But for a moment I considered the message. Good fortune is fleeting and I am thankful for having it and for understanding the conditions. In 24 hours the sunlight will return and I may or may not see it strike “Lucky Me.” No matter, I appreciate the reminder.

The Focus of a Honey Bee

bee in flower - Copy - Copy

To me the above photo is more than a honey bee in a rose. It’s about the instinctive focus that makes bees so important to the growth of crops. This photo is posted in response to the insane bluster of  political leaders who are blind to the focus needed to save humanity from itself. That’s the buzz! It’s also one of the bees from our hive.