The Meaning of LIFE, Part 1

This week I will be writing about the meaning of life.                 Whenever I need meaningful entertainment, I Google: “What is the meaning of life?” I usually start on the third or fourth search page where the choices are less conventional. My visit to most sites are brief as I can see that the answerContinue reading “The Meaning of LIFE, Part 1”

The Local Lagoon

On most mornings I walk to the local lagoon to see wildlife and the fog. Yesterday, with Ivan on leash, egrets sailed overhead while I stood on lagoon’s edge. Clicked the camera while the Moody Blues’ “Nights in White Satin” blared away from a camper van in the parking lot, about thirty feet away. TheContinue reading “The Local Lagoon”

Monday in the Reeds

The headlines, if you read them, are certain to put your mind in the reeds, surrounded like a small bird by the spread of Covid-19 after Thanksgiving and Trump’s lying rants. For the capper, yesterday I read a lengthy article in the NYT about a highly praised “expert” on the science of happiness who jumpedContinue reading “Monday in the Reeds”

Cosmos in the Wind

For most of the year cosmos flowers attracted bees and butterflies, but those days are gone with chilling nights, a low November sun and strong winds blowing more frequently off the Pacific Ocean. The cosmos stems get long and leggy in the search for sunlight. Winter will be soon. Life goes on with the electionContinue reading “Cosmos in the Wind”

The Transition of Power

In the animal world instinct usually dictates the transition of power. In the photos one scrub jay has a seed, puts it in the mouth of a counterpart, then withdraws it. Seems unfair, or at least mean. (I think the power jay here is teaching the other about eating.)But take our presidential election where theContinue reading “The Transition of Power”