Monday’s Path: The Unexpected


I was walking down this road lined with parked cars and coastal vegetation. I’ve been on this “path” many times, so I had a sense of what to expect. But this time there was a human figure in the distance. With each step I took the figure grew larger in the middle of the road.  I ignored the scenery on the sides, instead, concentrating on this stationary person. I was closing in on a man on a cell phone. Hadn’t expected that result.  Why was he talking in the middle of the road? He avoided eye contact with me as he continued his conversation while I passed. I caught a burst of words that tied everything together–the why of he was there. I stopped, looked both ways and crossed a main street. Life goes on with its array of choices and the energy of people trying to make the pieces fit when they will not.

A Captive Leaf…


It was windy in Sacramento yesterday, releasing leaves from trees in an early sign that fall was coming.  One leaf was caught in the wires of a baseball backstop. I imagine it will have more company today.

I look forward to the change of seasons, especially fall. The air becomes crisp and shadows grow long in the afternoon.  Unfortunately, the news of the day continues to be tragic to a point where it is difficult to ignore events that reinforce this sense of helplessness in our abilities to change life for the better. We must not let ourselves  become leaves caught in a wire backstop.

Monday’s Path: Missing

path.2 - Copy.JPGFiltered sun strikes the side of an ancient redwood by a path the leads deep into a forest. I’ve been here before and want to return…but it may be no more, erased by a needless campfire. Fences and signs block any entrance to today’s path. I can revisit the joy and beauty through memories, only. Much of life is like this. (Soberanes Canyon Trail, closed.)

Rescue Me?


Teddy at the pond - Copy.JPGTeddy was once confined in a high kill dog shelter. She had two BB’s in her left hip and her left hind leg was detached from its socket. Her fur was a matted dirty brown/grey color. She had a a history of running away. Still, when she looked at you and sensed she would not be hit, she’d smile. She was in search of a loving home and became part of our family a few years ago.

I was walking  her at night during  her first week with us. I tripped, stumbled and fell on the sidewalk…the leash slipped from my hand. Teddy, now off leash, could have escaped, instead, she licked my cheek. I like to think we rescued each other.

Monday’s Path: Daunting

DSC_0454Today’s path isn’t inviting. Wide at the start, but narrow at the top with guard rails for those who cling to the sides…this is a fearful, daunting path without an end in sight. Would you step up the middle? Or, like most, look at it as you pass by on your way to somewhere else.  The key here is that once you make the climb, the mystery is solved, the challenge is gone. After all this is the entrance to a parking lot and life can be a parking lot.

Monday’s Path: Wet


Hurricanes. Storm surges. Too much water in the wrong places. Today’s path is one of recovery from nature’s fury. Even if you are far removed from the paths of Harvey and Irma, you may face a steep climb at some point, a challenge that, hopefully, will make you stronger, whether it be surviving cancer, overcoming prejudice at work, or simply helping  others. But whatever the climb, do it and avoid the indifference that is failure.

Monday’s Path: Controlled


Today’s path of wood planks covered by sand  is intended to keep walker off of environmentally sensitive areas. There are no surprises ahead.  If you stick to the path, you will do no harm. Ropes held up by metal poles serve as a reminder to stay away. The chief benefactor of this path by Carmel Beach is the unique black legless lizard which can only be found in Monterey County, California. I’ve actually never seen one, but then again, I always stay on the path. Live and let live.