The Adventures of Chartan: The Set Up

           (Last Sunday: Skyler Brazil, hired by Elisa, secretly takes photos of her and Chartan in the grips of passion.) Elisa was asleep, naked, with her head on Chartan’s chest. He wanted to cover her with a sheet but didn’t want to move and wake her. They had not spoken to each other since they fellContinue reading “The Adventures of Chartan: The Set Up”

Flying Lemons…

Yesterday, I put my camera on a tripod, but forgot to tighten the arm that raises or lowers the camera. When I pushed the shutter button, the camera moved slightly, producing the blurred action photo of…flying lemons. I’ll take it. Actually, I’ve taken a photo course where we were shown the technique of intentionally movingContinue reading “Flying Lemons…”