The President’s Lies…

A Vague Notion

A vague notion of an unheard sound,
Stolen by a dishonest imagination.
Two raccoons mating in the dark
Become unspeakable crimes against defenseless women.
That’s not what I heard.
But the leader says it is, over and over again,
Daring us to see our blood
Dripping down bedroom walls.
We must hate the bad dudes
When I only despise his theft.

The Look…

Teddy2.JPGTeddy follows me throughout the day. Her main countenance is one of happiness. Yesterday, she gave me a pose unlike any other I’ve seen from her. Perhaps, it had to do with the 11-0 drubbing taken by the San Francisco Giants. Or, maybe she is practicing to be a CEO. Or, it just might be …gas. Below are typical Teddy shots:


teddy in sun

Sea Gulls and Their Beach Look

DSC_0080.JPGSea gulls on the beach always face in the same direction. The reasoning behind their group look is that they need to face the wind so that their feathers won’t be ruffled by a back wind. The real mystery for me is why do they stand so close to the surf, often having to take flight to avoid a wave?DSC_0086.JPGBut when they do go in the air, they usually return to the same spot and repeat the process. Waiting for food to roll in? Or, maybe they’re just having fun.