Weekly Photo Challenge: Wanderlust


069 - CopyThis photo represents the “crossroads of wanderlust.” I’m in a small Italian village, walking without a destination. In the distance I spot red geraniums in a window box. My mind goes back to my childhood in New Jersey when my father took me–I was about seven or eight– to visit a  elderly women who was born in the 1870’s. She lived in a country brick house that was older than she was.  All her windows had flower boxes with red geraniums. In fact, the inside of the house smelled like geraniums.  She told me the flowers keep insects away. I’ve hung on to that memory for over 60 years and it surfaced easily on this day in Italy.

Photo Challenge: Wanderlust

Weekly Photo Challenge: Security

Teddy and Molly.2

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We have two rescue dogs. We’ve always had rescue dogs. These “abandoned” canines simply want and need  loving humans willing to provide them with a secure place to live. In exchange for a “home,” they, over time, will lose the defensive fears that come with not having a home. This photo shows that Teddy (left) and Molly are at ease with each other as well as us.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wish

DSC_0707 - Copy

Every  year my beehive “splits,” meaning 15,000 or so honey bees leave to find a new home. This ‘swarm” briefly took up residence in an oak tree about 40 feet from their original home, a four-decker hive in my backyard. In this case I asked another trusted beekeeper to take the bees to another home further from my house–I wished them well, but there is no more room at the inn.

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