Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting


The New York City subway experience involves the art of not communicating with strangers in the terminal or on a car. It’s all about waiting for an arrival, for a stop, for a person to move; for a text, for the chance to be someone place else other than on the subway. DSC_0633 - Copy

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure

angry blue jay - Copy (2)

I find bird claws, up close, to be menacing. But, clearly they are designed to enable a bird like this scrub jay to perch on my chair, if not on a telephone line, or on the stop sign down the street. As shown, it doesn’t like its photo taken. And, Hitchcock’s The Birds will always be present. via Photo Challenge: Structure

Weekly Photo Challege: ” Ooh, Shiny!”


DSC_0751 - CopyLast moth I sat near a butterfly bush at my sister’s backyard in Carbondale, Illinois. It was difficult not to look at the incoming giant black swallowtails flitting around. Here is one of favorite captures. The orange, yellow and blue markings look as though they were painted on.

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