Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual


Pomona Bridge2

The Pomona Natural Bridge in the Shawnee National Forest is unique and unusual. Comprised of sandstone shaped by millions of years of erosion, the bridge spans 90 feet, running about 25 feet above ground. It is tough to photograph with obstructed views, filtered light and vines masking the stone, so, I stood under it and shot upwards. pomona Bridge3

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Transient

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deer on the coast

A stag blends in with the coastal oaks as it travels though a neighborhood front yard. The transient nature of deer out of the forest has been a fact for me whether my early days in New Jersey or the current times by the Pacific Ocean.  They wander. They nibble. Protected by state laws. I still take pause with those antlers.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Wanderlust


069 - CopyThis photo represents the “crossroads of wanderlust.” I’m in a small Italian village, walking without a destination. In the distance I spot red geraniums in a window box. My mind goes back to my childhood in New Jersey when my father took me–I was about seven or eight– to visit a  elderly women who was born in the 1870’s. She lived in a country brick house that was older than she was.  All her windows had flower boxes with red geraniums. In fact, the inside of the house smelled like geraniums.  She told me the flowers keep insects away. I’ve hung on to that memory for over 60 years and it surfaced easily on this day in Italy.

Photo Challenge: Wanderlust