Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence

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DSC_0330.JPGThe search for “silence” often takes me to the outdoors away from traffic and other man-made sounds, including people. Of course, there are always sounds breaking the silence: wildlife calls, the wind, or the ocean surf. Of course, at my house there is the silence of sleeping dogs and Anne quilting–that’s a combination of silence and the quick whir of a sewing machine. In the end I choose a rock on the secluded Monterey coastline where I can think about “silence,” both the good aspects and the bad (not speaking up against hate),

Weekly Photo Challenge: 2017 Favorite

DSC_0657 - Copy.JPGMy favorite photo for 2017 triggers a pleasant memory and, I believe, that’s a great reason to like a photo. This past summer I visited my  sister in Southern Illinois where we hiked through state and national parks. One of our last walks was in the Shawnee National Forest on a trail that meandered  downhill through thick woods. At the bottom we were confronted with a dry river bed and one butterfly, an eastern comma. It was a great photo opp, set up nicely by a fallen leaf and river rocks.via Photo Challenge: 2017 Favorites


Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene

serene2.JPGFor me, a serene place is one I can reach easily, walking preferred. While I’ve been in amazing places in Europe, for example, the travel to get there wears on the “peace” emanating from the mountains, valleys and waters that I’m seeing for the first time. Here is my serene place…Carmel River State Beach, rarely crowded and always picturesque. The river, not visible, feeds into the Carmel Bay (Pacific Ocean) in the winter. I’ve seen whales come close to shore here followed by sea otters and pelicans. The sunsets often have a pink cast due to the cloud cover. There is always room here to sit and think in comfort.


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Photo Challenge: Temporary

20121124_132740 - Copy

For this challenge I reviewed photos I’d taken of fall leaves. A few years ago I took a photo of a very large yellow leaf that Anne held up in front of her face. We didn’t realize until after I enlarged the shot today that her finger was part of nature’s temporary design. via Photo Challenge: Temporary