We have been fostering George, a 12-week old mixed-breed puppy who needs a permanent home. I’m astounded by how smartly he behaves: fetches a tennis ball that barely fits in his mouth and sits when told. He is all puppy, meaning his energy level is high in spurts. He plays with our two adult dogs although I sense they would prefer the arrangement to be temporary. He is a very sweet dog that relishes the good things in life: play and food. DSC_0026 - Copy

California King Tides


DSC_0027 - Copy.JPGFor the next month the California coast will be hit by high tides called “king tides.” This annual occurrence is the result of the gravitational pull between the sun and the moon. I took this shot of Carmel Beach right before sunset yesterday.  Note how the tides have carved a ravine out of the beach-. The tides will be at their highest tomorrow when the moon is full. People are asked to take photos to get an idea of how the coast will look as the result of climate change.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene

serene2.JPGFor me, a serene place is one I can reach easily, walking preferred. While I’ve been in amazing places in Europe, for example, the travel to get there wears on the “peace” emanating from the mountains, valleys and waters that I’m seeing for the first time. Here is my serene place…Carmel River State Beach, rarely crowded and always picturesque. The river, not visible, feeds into the Carmel Bay (Pacific Ocean) in the winter. I’ve seen whales come close to shore here followed by sea otters and pelicans. The sunsets often have a pink cast due to the cloud cover. There is always room here to sit and think in comfort.


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