Hand-Held Moon Craters

DSC_0477 - Copy

I find it amazing that I can take a hand-held shot of the moon and see craters more than 230,000 miles away.  Took this photo two days ago in the early morning, but did not enlarge it until this morning.  There are millions of lunar craters, most believed to be caused by the asteroids crashing into the moon’s dry surface. DSC_0477

A Captive Leaf…


It was windy in Sacramento yesterday, releasing leaves from trees in an early sign that fall was coming.  One leaf was caught in the wires of a baseball backstop. I imagine it will have more company today.

I look forward to the change of seasons, especially fall. The air becomes crisp and shadows grow long in the afternoon.  Unfortunately, the news of the day continues to be tragic to a point where it is difficult to ignore events that reinforce this sense of helplessness in our abilities to change life for the better. We must not let ourselves  become leaves caught in a wire backstop.