Total Solar Eclipse in Makanda

DSC_0454 - CopyA month ago I stood in downtown Makanda, Illinois, an artsy kind of place with five storefronts facing railroad tracks on the other side of a country road.  I entered the Eclipse Kitchen in hopes of a decent lunch. I got one along with an $18 tank top explaining the name of the eatery and the expected economic effect of the coming total solar eclipse.

If I were to film the ideal location to witness that first total eclipse in 99 years in the United States, it would be here. The village is surrounded by green hills with wide open skies above. Google “Makanda” to get the town’s official eclipse pitch.






There was something about this hatched egg I encountered while hiking through the Douglas Family Preserve in Santa Barbara. First, it was in the open, not near a tree, more like a dinosaur egg than one for a bird. Secondly, it was the brightest white, but that might be due to the bright sun overhead. Finally, I don’t know much about eggs. Quail eggs are much smaller and speckled. Other bird shells I find by trees are also small and off-white. This area has gopher snakes, but the shells are oblong, but then I only have half a shell to judge by. Given the location I’d guess the egg was snatched from the nest, say from a brown pelican–the preserve abuts the Pacific Ocean where brown pelicans glide along the coast. And, maybe it was from a supermarket. Please post the answer.