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The poetry of waiting:

Thank you for remaining on the line, your call will be answered in the order it was received.

Next comes the horrible lounge music interrupted by

Thank you for remaining on the line, your call will be answered in the order it was received.

This goes on for awhile

Before you get disconnected.

Blood pressure rises.

So you drink more coffee

Until it’s time to do other things than wait.

New Year’s Day Sunset

DSC_0234 (1)Took this photo yesterday at the scene of what had been Sacramento’s largest New Year’s Eve fireworks celebration. It’s over. Back to the grind for some, if not today, then Monday. Most telling was the approaching sunset reminding me of the dull winter ahead—we’re lucky not to be socked by a snow storm, although we’ve had no rain for a month. Note the bare trees along the Sacramento River, loaded with mistletoe, an industrial building, the Interstate 80 bridge and flatness. Amid this ugliness there is the beauty of natural light and a river.

2013 Exit…

DSC_0207 - CopySometimes a mediocre photo is elevated by the story behind it. Yesterday was my last day “on the job” for 2013. I looked up shortly before quitting time when I saw the “exit” sign behind me superimposed on a giant redwood outside my seventh floor office. I’d never noticed the sign before, so was this a prophetic moment?

Carjacking Replaces Hot-Wiring

I remember the good old days when someone hot-wired my car; i.e., stole it. I never got it back. Today I read that carjackings are the way to go, especially in Newark, New Jersey where this year there have been 475 carjackings in that city and the surrounding area that make up Essex County. Simply put, ever day criminals engage in carjacking.

One expert theorizes that the built-in anti-theft devices on today’s new cars make it nearly impossible to steal a vehicle unless you have the keys and that usually means the driver is in the car.

Lawlessness and no regard for life/property are a deadly one-two combination.  My stolen, uninsured car was worth less than a $1,000 at the time–I still remember the hardships it caused me. But I would much prefer to look at an empty parking space than a gun and this choice is a sad commentary on life in our country.

Future Regret

I watched a few minutes of “The Godfather” yesterday on cable TV and thought about the long line I stood in to see this movie’s debut in 1972. Every seat was taken. The audience was restless with anticipation. The film begins with a half-lit screen. People strain to see and hear the man talking. A minute into the film a woman in front of me asks in a loud voice, “Is that Marlon Brando?” Dozens of people tell her to shut up in a manner in keeping with the movie.
There were no dumb questions in my house during the movie yesterday, only demeaning ads, lots of them. The worst spot was for gold coins which had this line: “avoid disappointment and future regret, order now.” Ah yes, future regret, clearly something to be avoided. I already own a DVD of “The Godfather,” so I clicked the TV off and walked the dogs and did not regret it.

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