Have You Seen My Work Gloves?

Ivan chews my leather work glove.

Now that he has reached the age of three(a guess), rescue Ivan has been a good dog in terms of not destroying socks, slippers and various other items found on the floor. My outdoor leather work glove is a another story. He really enjoyed chewing it. While this glove doesn’t have a mate, I took it away from him as it might be treated with chemicals, or have a harmful residue from a plant or tree I was cutting. He was okay with that provided I take him for a walk.

Butterfly Angles

Looking right at you (I think), a painted lady on ivy.
On the ground a common buckeye.
Giant sized from the back., black swallowtail.
Four of one kind., monarchs on ivy .

After taking thousands of butterfly photos, I enjoy a shot that doesn’t look like something I captured a few days or months ago. Here are a few of those different angles.

Quail Family

The female adult quail is called a hen.
The adult male is called a cock.
A young quail is called a chick.
There were nine chicks in this quail family. The hen usually lays about a dozen eggs.

Quails love our front yard, drought tolerant landscaping–plenty of seeds to eat. The California Valley Quail lives 2-3 years but I can’t tell one family from another.

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