Fast Fiction: Stringer Morton

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, prompting me to update a story I wrote in 2013 about a retired pro football player with TBI (traumatic brain injury). I hope today’s game ends without injuries, but I’ve talked to a few retired pros who know the reality of taking a hard hit to the head. Fast Fiction every Sunday at

Poetry: The Thoughtful Squirrel

I need time to think, thought the squirrel,

High up in a tree in the middle of winter.

Yes, it was the exact center of the season

When collecting acorns

Should be done.

But he had none.

Months of play

Did so pass

Until he was

Out of gas.



A nut.

Maybe thinking would help

After all it was free

And he had all time in the world

In this barren tree.

(Editor’s Note: wrote this yesterday in the middle of winter to make myself laugh).

Aging isn’t in the mirror

Didn’t know what it was like to be old until I was.

Aging isn’t in the mirror.

I am who I am at this moment, not last year, or last century.

If there’s a tomorrow, I’ll get that

After too many decades trying to be what I imagined I should be.

The trick was understanding how memory fights for control of who I am.

Acceptance calmed the urges well past the years it was needed,

A final blessing

Now that I am

No longer old.


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