Wednesday Slice of Life: Apartment in Paris

Simon was a government analyst who compared data. On his 30th birthday he declared, “I’m very boring.” His brother, Max, wasn’t boring. He was a painter in Paris. Simon had a tiny studio on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. One Saturday morning Max telephoned. “Bro, how about switching apartments with me for a week?”Continue reading “Wednesday Slice of Life: Apartment in Paris”

Chartan :Brazil Finds Adventure

          (Last week:  Chartan is about to open the private passenger compartment door of the limousine to find out why he hasn’t seen or heard anything from the four businessmen.) (Reminders: Skyler Brazil, a Vietnam veteran turned private eye, sought Chartan’s help in dealing with his PTSD. Chartan drives for Sloan’s Limousine Service. ) “Sky,Continue reading “Chartan :Brazil Finds Adventure”