Pelican: With or Without Clouds

Capturing a well-focused pelican in flight is instinctive challenge for me, so much so, I sometimes overlook the background in the editing process. This oversight is magnified after reviewing the hundreds, if not thousands, of brown pelicans I have photographed over the last few years in Carmel and Monterey. There are just so many close-upsContinue reading “Pelican: With or Without Clouds”

Carmel Point Pelicans

This week the are an unusually large number of brown pelicans gliding around Carmel Point. (“Unusually” is my unscientific adverb.) Many of them land on several ocean outcrops near the shore. Took this shot with a cell phone yesterday evening. The great thing about pelicans is how quietly they sail past in V-formation, rarely seemingContinue reading “Carmel Point Pelicans”