The Cabbage White, Always…

The cabbage white is the most common butterfly in the world and in our backyard. Took this shot yesterday in the wind. Used sports mode. As I marvel at the butterfly captures of other photographers, I note how the setting, especially the flower, is so important to a dramatic shot. These yellow flowers, grown fromContinue reading “The Cabbage White, Always…”

Cabbage White

I have plenty of honey bees, but few butterflies in the backyard.  This cabbage white was the only butterfly spotted yesterday.  Climate change? Or, maybe I wasn’t in the backyard much; i.e. , frame of reference. Seriously, I haven’t been seeing butterflies in places where they were last year at this time. t see  

Cabbage White Up Close

Here is the most common butterfly in our yard, the cabbage white. So far, I have seen lots of honey bees, but few butterflies. However, there are slews of oak moths fluttering around this area. The moth explosion, triggered by people opting against spraying their oaks, has allowed the bee population to flourish since theContinue reading “Cabbage White Up Close”