Quail Dad on the Ready…


DSC_0416 - Copy

This male spent at least 10 hours on our fence. We think his family is in the bushes below.

The quail call started at sunrise right outside our bedroom window. It’s a panic-like yell intended to warn the brood that trouble may be near, so listen to dad.  The call continued throughout the day, reaching crescendos when I quickly cut some wood with a power saw in the late morning.  This protective male is perched on our fence overlooking a portion of our front yard where we suspect mom will be giving birth soon. Or, maybe she already has given that we spotted 13 chicks hopping madly around the bushes across the street. For now, we have surrendered the yard to the family. quail watch2 - Copy

The Quail Deal…


A strutting California quail

We are surrounded by quail. This magnificent bird prefers to walk, actually strut, rather than fly. And unlike the blue jay, the other popular backyard bird, quail leave my bees alone.

junequail5 - Copy

So, I let them run free and stay out of their way but once per week when I photograph them–that’s our deal. Here is this week’s shot.

Quail Poses…

This morning as I backed the truck out of the garage I was greeted  by a quail striking various poses. I snapped these shots with the engine running.