The Adventures of Chartan: A List and a Letter

(Last Sunday: Minerva tells Chartan she wants to buy the limo service and make him general manager. Chartan, distracted by the job offer, blurts out to Gina one of the names he likes for their baby is Thor, Minerva’s  inventor friend—he is surprised that Gina picks “Thor.”)             As usual Chartan woke at first lightContinue reading “The Adventures of Chartan: A List and a Letter”

Poetry: First Light on the Old Man

First light strikes the old man with cobwebs in his eyes. He’s had enough wildfires, covid and Afghanistan follies, So he cocks his gun and squeezes the trigger from the cheap seats Where he sees but never hears the leaping prima ballerina Land en pointe. There’s applause but is it in front or behind theContinue reading “Poetry: First Light on the Old Man”