Gulf Fritillary with Notation…

Took this shot of a gulf fritillary while on a hike with Ivan, our rescue dog. Here is the notation: all prior shots of this species in 2020 were taken in our backyard where the wings were tattered–this newest one, about a mile from the house, doesn’t have any wing tears. And kudos to IvanContinue reading “Gulf Fritillary with Notation…”

A Real Iron Butterfly

Eight days ago I posted a photo of a gulf fritillary butterfly with a damaged right wing flitting about flowers in our backyard. Yesterday, a gulf fritillary returned to those same flowers with a section of its right wing missing. I’m assuming it is the same butterfly–its wing appears to be in even worse conditionContinue reading “A Real Iron Butterfly”

Tattered Wing Syndrome

Three days ago I posted a shot of gulf fritillary butterfly with a tattered left wing. Yesterday a lone gulf fritillary returned to the same plant, but this time the right wing was tattered while the left was in tact. Zounds! There must be two butterflies of the same species, each with a tattered wing.Continue reading “Tattered Wing Syndrome”