The Adventures of Chartan: On the Mountain

            (Last week: The road trip is interrupted when police arrest Elisa after a traffic stop. Chartan and Brazil drive on, stopping to hike up a Sierra Mountain trail where Brazil reveals he may have killed a boy during combat in Vietnam.)             Chartan and Brazil sat atop a giant boulder aglow in the overheadContinue reading “The Adventures of Chartan: On the Mountain”

The Adventures of Chartan: A Plan is Hatched

(Last week: A confused Chartan returns to the comfort of driving a limousine as he doubts his ability to teach psychic healing to others.) Chartan clutched the podium. The 100-seat community room was full, but his focus was on the student in a wheelchair positioned in front of everyone—it was Elisa. He didn’t see BrazilContinue reading “The Adventures of Chartan: A Plan is Hatched”