The Adventures of Chartan: Congratulations

             (Last Sunday: Gina tells Chartan she is pregnant, an ex-felon, and Julie isn’t her aunt.) “Gina’s three months pregnant.”             Brazil thrust out his hand. “Congratulations.”             Chartan shook it a few times and replied, “Let’s get some coffee.”             The two men walked side by side, matching strides on a path that paralleledContinue reading “The Adventures of Chartan: Congratulations”

The Meaning of LIFE, Part 1

This week I will be writing about the meaning of life.                 Whenever I need meaningful entertainment, I Google: “What is the meaning of life?” I usually start on the third or fourth search page where the choices are less conventional. My visit to most sites are brief as I can see that the answerContinue reading “The Meaning of LIFE, Part 1”

Making Up for Mistakes

  Making Up for Mistakes   I’m going to a cabin Somewhere To write Haiku And drink coffee While removing the bullets From too many years of Losing myself In unimportant purposes. It may take years. To fix the mistake Of missing the first snowfall On the lone cedar. (Author’s note: I haven’t done thisContinue reading “Making Up for Mistakes”