A Meaning of Life…

Orchid If the arc of an orchid Fails to hold Our attention, Life is not Balanced.   I’ve rewritten this “poem” because it is never finished–it is always in my thoughts. We are surrounded by beauty,  too often unnoticed when life is hectic, or overrun with suffering.  Orchids are nice but they won’t stop violence.Continue reading “A Meaning of Life…”

Monday’s Path: Harder Than It Looks

The setting for this path in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco is deceiving. The log steps are too far apart to accommodate the stride of a normal person. A seven-footer might be able to negotiate them, but the rest of us will have our feet sink into redwood chips, accentuating the long reach to theContinue reading “Monday’s Path: Harder Than It Looks”

Chartan: Evil Returns

  The ongoing struggle of a guru turned limo driver. Last week: Chartan drives home after visiting Brazil who is recovering from surgery. Rather than run to the apartment, Chartan held the steering  wheel at 10 and 2 as he did when he was driving a fare. Straight ahead about 15-feet away was the firstContinue reading “Chartan: Evil Returns”