Another Day, Another Buttterfly

Yesterday, Thursday, I spotted one butterfly, a Painted Lady, in our backyard as shown above. Thanks to Tom and Anne, yesterday’s posted butterfly was identified as a Red Admiral. Drum roll for Friday… I do find it odd that I am seeing only one butterfly per day as if there is a quota in force.Continue reading “Another Day, Another Buttterfly”

The Painted Lady…On Cue

Yesterday, I lamented not seeing a painted lady  in our yard this summer. (I’ve reread this sentence several times–it makes me laugh.)The Painted Lady is the most common butterfly species in the world. I am not engaged in fake news when I report  that one hour after yesterday’s post I took a shot of theContinue reading “The Painted Lady…On Cue”

Painted Lady Dwarfed by Flowers

We’ve had backyard visits from Painted Lady butterflies this week-first time I’ve seen them here this year. They’re small compared to Monarchs and Swallowtails, but slightly larger than the Cabbage White, currently the most common butterfly in our yard. These close ups–same shot–accentuate their  “dwarf” size. On a side note: our dogs chase flies butContinue reading “Painted Lady Dwarfed by Flowers”