Ocean Spray Paradox

Friendly spray.JPGWhen walking to the northern corner of Point Lobos, you’ll encounter an outcrop of rocks that intercept waves at high tide. The ensuing spray, coming at intervals of 30 seconds or so, has always been restful to me, even though the force of water  against jagged rocks is anything but peaceful…I call this a paradox.

Whalers Cove, Point Lobos


I like the curve of land and water called Whalers Cove at Point Lobos. There are wooden benches by the trail where you can sit and watch the tide roll in. I’ve been here many times and noticed that people don’t stay seated for very long. I’m guilty of the same behavior.  I’d like to get to the point where I don’t think about how long I’ve been sitting.

“Blue” Memory for Now…

whaler's cove

There’s a 10,000-acre forest fire about five miles from our house. Woke up to the smell of smoke. Sky is a low, thick dull gray. Afternoon winds should clear some of the mess. Firefighters are containing the burn for now after a tough few days. This shot of Whaler’s Cove at Point Lobos taken earlier this year is a reminder of all the blue that is now gone from this area.