Weekly Photo Challenge: Wish

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Every  year my beehive “splits,” meaning 15,000 or so honey bees leave to find a new home. This ‘swarm” briefly took up residence in an oak tree about 40 feet from their original home, a four-decker hive in my backyard. In this case I asked another trusted beekeeper to take the bees to another home further from my house–I wished them well, but there is no more room at the inn.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Road Taken


I no longer live near one of my favorite “roads” But when I do visit Jockey Hollow National Park, I am always surprised by the vista of a narrow roadway winding past an historic house from the American Revolution days. This time it was the fall colors of the trees that have grown around  the Wick house. In the summer the dense foliage gives the sense of intimacy. And the cold winter snow takes me back some 250 years to the time when General George Washington and his troops camped before crossing the Delaware River and ultimately defeating the British to win independence for the 13 colonies.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: A Good Match

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Monarch butterflies make a brief stopover of a day or two in Carmel each October. They prefer to congregate in great numbers a few miles further north in Pacific Grover before continuing on to Mexico. But it’s nice to see a small group in my neighborhood–a nice match in my book..

Weekly Photo Challenge: Against the Odds


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I took this shot of a bee well positioned on the outdoor map of the Carmel Mission Trail. My beehives are about a 1/2-mile from this sign, so maybe this bee is from the colony in my backyard. “Against the Odds” honeybees are fighting to withstand pesticides, viruses and other threats to their existence. I’ve provided a protected area for honeybees primarily to help them beat the odds.