Molly on Her Own

DSC_0004.JPGDSC_0003.JPGAmid political turmoil and the aftermath of the holidays, Molly has maintained her intensity and thirst for a good time. A rescue dog, herself, she displayed motherly instincts when we recently fostered a rescue puppy, George, who has since been adopted. Her 24/7 watchdog abilities are an all too reliable alarm. At the beach she runs like the wind and feasts on kelp (not good). Yes, she can be a handful, but in the end, as the eyes in these photos show, she is one very caring canine who wants to figure things out.

Rescue Me?


Teddy at the pond - Copy.JPGTeddy was once confined in a high kill dog shelter. She had two BB’s in her left hip and her left hind leg was detached from its socket. Her fur was a matted dirty brown/grey color. She had a a history of running away. Still, when she looked at you and sensed she would not be hit, she’d smile. She was in search of a loving home and became part of our family a few years ago.

I was walking ┬áher at night during ┬áher first week with us. I tripped, stumbled and fell on the sidewalk…the leash slipped from my hand. Teddy, now off leash, could have escaped, instead, she licked my cheek. I like to think we rescued each other.