The Adventures of Chartan: An Option

            (Last Sunday: Chartan and Gina begin discussing a name for their baby-to-come. Two of the six teens Chartan drove to the prom are still missing.)             Chartan eased the limo onto I-80 with Mrs. Minerva on the back chatting on the phone. It was the usual roundtrip from Sacramento to her therapist, Dr. Kodor, Continue reading “The Adventures of Chartan: An Option”

The Adventures of Chartan: Return to Sacramento

            (Last week: Gina tells Chartan she is done with the mystic.)             They returned to the motel room to find Brazil sitting on the bed,              “Check out time?” asked Brazil.             “Have any ideas? asked Chartan             “You two are the love birds—I’m ready to spend the night in my bed in Sacramento.”Continue reading “The Adventures of Chartan: Return to Sacramento”

The Adventures of Chartan: More Temptation

(Last Sunday: Chartan resists temptations of money and sex and, instead, runs away from Minerva and Elisa.) Chartan hadn’t finished dinner, said goodbye, or looked into Minerva’s eyes when he brushed by her in the hallway. She had been cold to the touch when he grazed her bare arm. He did not believe in the devil incarnate,Continue reading “The Adventures of Chartan: More Temptation”

The Adventures of Chartan: The Temptation

Chartan sat across from Minerva, staring at his dinner plate as if he were facing checkmate. Decisions he rarely had to make were required now. Did he want a glass of wine? Would he like salmon or New York steak? He hadn’t had any form of alcohol in six months. To admit such, he thought, would suggestContinue reading “The Adventures of Chartan: The Temptation”