Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

  The Pomona Natural Bridge in the Shawnee National Forest is unique and unusual. Comprised of sandstone shaped by millions of years of erosion, the bridge spans 90 feet, running about 25 feet above ground. It is tough to photograph with obstructed views, filtered light and vines masking the stone, so, I stood under itContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual”

Photo Challenge: Bridge

via Photo Challenge: Bridge I imagine this Venetian has gone under thousands upon thousands of bridges in his time. He’s probably witnessed falls, crimes and heavy passion in his life of bridges. I challenged myself to remember the first bridge that I went under. I was seven or so–I always say seven when I don’tContinue reading “Photo Challenge: Bridge”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Creepy.” Here’s a photo, ” Death in Venice,” that is clearly creepy. I took it at sunrise in an almost empty Piazza San Marco–note that the chairs have yet to be occupied.. A sea gull has killed a small bird. I chased it away and so did others,Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Inspiration.” A triple dose of inspiration for me is being outdoors in the fall weather colors on a path to somewhere without cars. This photo of a trail running through Jockey Hollow in Morristown National Historical Park, New Jersey, gets at the heart of things.