Meaning of Life, Part 2

Figuring out the meaning of life is tiring, but it should be attempted. Why else are we here? There are two extremes involved in this debate: (1) there is no correct answer because any response is a human contrivance subject to human error; and (2) God will take care of it, just try to be good and you’ll be close to the meaning; i.e., don’t sweat it! Of course, sandwiched in between these extremes are the manifestations of organized religion.

Here is my favorite follow-up question: does knowing the meaning of life get you points in the hereafter? Buzzer time! What if there is no hereafter? Is that the real meaning: 72 years and you’re outtta here?

Actually, I know the meaning of life. But knowing is not like winning a lottery. In fact, knowing, or believing I know, is damn right frustrating. And tiring.

One response to “Meaning of Life, Part 2”

  1. Religion/God are desperate fear driven constructs of the human brain. In other words, Man created god; not vice versa. A human contrivance to displace existential angst?


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