Password Paranoia

I know someone is trying to hack me as I type and I would be lucky if it were only one person and not a boiler room full of masked thieves.

Twenty years ago I met with a group of people from Berkeley who believed in “cash-only.” They didn’t trust banks and believed that writing a check was a paper trail for identify thieves. They were ahead of their time. Back then I had one password, no ATM card, no cell phone, no laptop and little knowledge of the internet. Today I change dozens of passwords on a routine basis which means I forget them.

I assume that technology constantly improves and that hackers will get craftier as will the defenses raised to stop them. Many of us will get caught up in this war of electronic codes. Obviously, we will need to take the next leap to be safe, adopting some CIA-type process to gain access to our simple email accounts.

It is difficult to forecast how the world of passwords will fare five years from now. Perhaps, the only people who don’t have to worry are the cash-only advocates who have rejected the world of credit and all the dangerous strings that come with it. Of course, it is nearly impossible to escape electronic connections if you receive federal entitlements like Social Security–but it can be done, at least in the short-term. 

Yes, there are people who know how to live under the radar and they do so for reasons that range from deep paranoia to a complete disavowal of how technology has taken control of our lives (insert photo of young person crossing busy street while texting).


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My labels: grandfather, father, veteran, writer, poet, photographer and dreamer in pursuit of the meaning of life. Getting close, although I'm running out of time--probably why I'm so close.

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