Even if there were a government mandated warning that stated that taking Jack3d could kill you, people would still take it. A new wrongful death lawsuit has put this dietary supplement back in the news. I hope some emphasis will be placed on the inner drive that people have to go beyond simple hard work conditioning to run faster, be stronger and how this drive is fed by the marketing of supplements. 

We need an inner coach to remind us that our heart is our must important muscle and that to manipulate it is risky.  

I recall running one evening, reaching a point after about 30 minutes where I usually stopped, but this time I was breathing as if I had just started–I was gliding over the hardtop with no desire to quit. I kept going, eventually slowing to a walk with my arms raised like an Olympian. But if someone had offered me a pill that would guarantee that I could relive this running euphoria with one swallow, I would have said “no.” The reason for my denial would be rooted, in part, in personal education–I know the harm that supplements can do. But there is also the self-realization that I do not run to win other than to remind myself that I am fortunate to be able to put one foot in front of the other.

I am omitting an important fact–this euphoria came at age 60. In my twenties I was accustomed to pushing myself physically to the point of exhaustion. I never took supplements because I didn’t need them, or know about them. Had they been marketed to me I might have a different story to tell today.

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