Food for a Year

In 1969 I ate a  greenish can of C-rations that a friendly drill sergeant claimed was left over from World War II, indeed, the can was dated 1945.  I don’t remember if the goop had flavor, but I didn’t spit it out, nor did I get sick.

Today I discovered I could buy a year’s worth of food from Costco for $1,199, delivery charge included. The 120 10-pound cans of nourishment have a purported shelf-life of 25 years. Shelf Reliance, the manufacturer, says its products is just right for times of civil unrest, natural disasters, etc. .

 The point here is that you can stock up, be prepared to survive for cheap. Just think of the money to be saved by not eating out, or driving to and shopping at the supermarket each week.

I did my part in 1969.  

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