The Social Media Trigger

Social media can be a loaded gun in the wrong hands, mine, for example. I tapped too many buttons yesterday resulting in duplications of a post that really needed only one chance, not three, to register. I am certain that no harm came to anyone other than to me as the incident brought back  memories of first squeezing the trigger on an M-16. I was practicing. Instead of one shot there was a hail of bullets. In seconds I felled a small tree. I love trees, but like messages sent to cyber space, I couldn’t take it back.

Now here is where free association begins to take over. I was in the U.S. Army for two years– a very small percentage of my life, yet parts of those two years remains vivid for me even though they occurred decades ago. And I was never in combat. Now, more than ever, I understand the pain suffered by those men and women who almost died, or who were witnesses to death in combat.

Maybe I think about this combat angst more than most because I talk to veterans with PTSD on a regular basis. But, as described by this post, each of us pulls the trigger of association throughout the day, and sometimes we are oblivious to the fact that what we say or do will take on a life of its own through someone else.

I always pause before I post to acknowledge that the “publish” icon is a trigger.  

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