Super Tie to the Rescue

Super Tie to the Rescue

I spilled coffee on myself for the second time this month. At fault was a paper “to go” cup purchased from a major retailer. The lid that comes with the cup was a trifle too small for the lip, so with a gentle squeeze, the lid flew off followed by the coffee. My tie took a direct hit as I sped down the freeway. The point here is the tie, not the coffee.

This elegant tie was purchased at a thrift store, although it was originally sold under the Nordstrom label. In the photo above you can see the coffee stain on my blue shirt to the left of the tie. However, even though the tie was in the epicenter of the spill, I cannot find a stain. And this is the same tie that was hit in the last spill. Furthermore, this is an imported silk tie hand sewn in the U.S.A. I’ve lost about ten ties to spills in my career but I lack data on how many of these ruined ties were fabricated overseas rather than here.

I would certainly invest in a company that made silk ties that resist stains. I should also do a better job ironing my work shirts.

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