Surpassing Expectations

Surpassing Expectations

I haven’t thought much about surpassing expectations. For one, I’m settled in my ways and confident in my abilities; i.e., I don’t have to prove anything to anyone—and that’s nice. Still, I am surprised when I surpass expectations which may mean that my confidence excels at masking the potential for failure. I’m not going to pay anyone to tell me what this all means, but I will write about it.

The other day I was hiking with friends in the Tahoe National Forest at the 6,000-foot level. Our destination was five alpine lakes. Along the way I noticed that butterflies were flitting along the trail as if they were following us. I put my Nikon D5100 in sports mode and took a few shots of a butterfly zipping around in front of me. There was a glare on the trail and frankly I couldn’t see the flying insect through my lens, so I just guessed and fired some shots. I didn’t look at the results until later that night after I downloaded 103 jpegs on my laptop. Get back, Jack! There was one frame of a butterfly with wings fully extended and its silhouette directly below on a rock—now this is exceeding expectations.

The butterfly shot was a function of excellent equipment and the luck of timing, given that I couldn’t see the subject. The shadow on the rock was a concept I’d never considered, yet it is what makes this photo special to me. At day’s end this hike and this photo remind me that I spend too much time within safe boundaries, that my thoughts, challenged by expectations, need shaking at times so that I don’t miss the adventure of living.

2 responses to “Surpassing Expectations”

  1. Susan Brissenden-Smith Avatar
    Susan Brissenden-Smith

    beautiful – and you the smart one to be out hiking to alpine lakes; if you are near Sorensen’s resort in Hope Valley stop by and say to my brother John…well not this weekend I think it’s the Death Ride!!



  2. David Whitney Avatar
    David Whitney

    President Lincoln did not have priviledge of safe boundaries.He was constantly challenged by expectations.I am sure he would think he exceeded his expectations also.


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