Back in the Squat

Back in the Squat

After a three-year layoff I’m back in the squat. This photo is a self-portrait taken today at the end of 90 minutes of catching during hardball batting practice. Lots of dust, heat and a handful of wild pitches—I got most of them. However, near the end I lost my balance while in the squat and toppled backwards, befitting a “backstop” who has caught his last pitch for the day.

Here are some personal stats: I caught my first no-hitter 55 years ago; I went 46 years without a hit because I didn’t play; and I love the game of baseball in all aspects, from fan to player.

I practice with guys my age, a few younger, a few older, once each week. We chat about aches and pains, MLB and health stuff like the downsides of taking statins. Five years ago we played serious games(umps, fresh foul lines, and scorekeepers), but now we are in the a prolonged pre-spring training workout mode and that is fine with me.

Why do I do this? Simple answer: I love knowing I’ll do better next week.

2 responses to “Back in the Squat”

  1. How’s your golf these days? I shot a 91 today and am thrilled! Glad to hear you’re still catching! – Betsy


    1. 91 is great. After I catch I am drained.


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