Moth In the Morning

Moth In the Morning

Off to work this morning when I spotted a moth “resting” on my front gate—that’s what moths do in the daytime, they rest. I was struck by the contrast in textures: the rough ancient redwood vs. the soft, fragile moth. Also, the redwood, aged by 60 years of weather, turns gray in low light and almost blue in sunlight as is the case above.

So, maybe you’re thinking, so what? A moth. Old redwood. No big deal. Well, I’ll take a page out of “stop and smell the roses.” Do you notice textures, or do you ignore them? If you are in a hurry and stressed out, you may not care about how a moth looks up against old redwood and that’s not healthy. My advice to you is to slow down and take note of your surroundings, that “moth” is there for a reason.

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