Historical Walk

Historical Walk

Long walks are great therapy. See the Long Walks Page for suggested walks in Europe and the United States.
#2. Jockey Hollow, Morristown, New Jersey

My favorite walk in my early years was the area where General George Washington housed his army during the winter of 1779-80. The photo above is of “the soldier huts”, nestled on a hillside at the base of a thick forest. In the winter we rode sleds down this hillside—doubtful that the troops did the same.

There are trails meandering throughout this federal park. I went off the beaten path in my walks, imagining that I was retracing steps taken by Continental Army troops some 200 years ago. The place is special because I grew up nearby, not realizing how lucky I was to have this wandering space until I moved away.

Google “Jockey Hollow” and go to the federal park site for visitor information.

One response to “Historical Walk”

  1. I’ve been on this walk at least three times, all before the age of ten and always with Grandad. At that time it was just fine to smoke a pipe in a car with kids, so the arrival was always quite a breath of fresh air. We imagined we were shooting redcoats out of that cabin window on the right.


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