Don’t Litter

The lowest form of littering is to abandon fast food wrappers in rocks along the coast. If you make the effort to go to the ocean, respect it.  I don’t like people who litter and this goes back to the “beginning.”

True story: at the age of 19, I was awestruck by this cheerleader. I practiced various lines that I intended to use when I found the nerve to ask her out.  Finally, we had a date. I picked her up in my Barracuda .  About ten minutes into the drive she asked me if I wanted some gum. I had hit the Listerine hard, so I knew I was good, but  I still did the breathe check on the back of the hand when she wasn’t looking. Passed. Then she rolled down the window and tossed the gum wrapper. I couldn’t brake fast enough. WTF!  Backed the car up and retrieved the wrapper. The relationship never recovered.

There is no bar to set on littering—it is not acceptable in any form unless you are in a Hansel and Gretel situation.

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