Disappearing Ponds

Disappearing Ponds

This leaf is floating in a public pond in Sacramento, California. The color/clarity of the water doesn’t look normal, but, the photo is very close to reality on the day I took the photo; i.e., don’t drink the water. This pond is a favorite for geese, ducks, turtles and fish, so I can only assume that it is somewhat safe—I haven’t seen any two-headed fowl. But the pond doesn’t look like one I’d like to be in.

Have you had a pond in your life? I had a great one growing up. There was a stream nearby so I guess it was fed by that. The water was cold and dark with a muddy bottom, maybe not much better than the one in the photo, but it didn’t bother me back then. There was no climate change, pollution, and other horrors that would eventually fill my mind with fear and doubts.

Ponds are disappearing along with our childhood where we only remember the first shock of cold water after diving head first into the abyss—a joyful cleansing of the mind in a world we do not know.

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